Stop Using Women’s Body Parts to Sell Tacos

My Letter to Surf Taco about their Sexist Ad in the Monmouth County TriCity News, May 2, 2013

I have been patronizing your establishment for about a year or so, and have enjoyed the low-cost and tasty nachos and tacos. I have noticed that the paintings and media displayed on the walls of the business tend to showcase the body parts of women, and I can only assume that this was done to create an atmosphere of carefree beach fun. And of course, I know that sex sells. In this case, though, it is sex that has caused you to lose two customers (myself and my husband). I picked up the latest copy of the TriCity News in Red Bank, NJ, and saw an ad for Surf Taco that featured a woman’s body from the neck down, featuring only her Surf Taco themed bikini.  Had she been eating a taco or even drinking a soda this ad would have been just a tad less exploitative. Showing her face would have signaled to me that she was a human being in the very least, and while I might have been annoyed, it would have been far less dehumanizing. I’m not so naive as to think that this letter will initiate an overhaul in your sexist advertising theme, but I urge you to rethink using the shortcut of women’s body parts to sell your food. Be more creative! The people who design your ads can do better, and frankly, your customers deserve better, too.


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